Friday, November 7, 2008

your very own guide to being a: recessionista

unfortunately (?), with the financial crunch and all that crap, recessionista is the new black.

we all want the new black right?

then you can follow these easy, idiot-proof suggestions! *gasp!*


* Second hand- op shops, Vinnies, vintage outlets, you name it get your hands on some pre-loved!
* Renting- i know it sounds random but why buy when you can hire? has designer handbags, shoes, sunnies and more that make great eye candy.
* Reinvention- pull out that nice dress and top up on accessories or heels instead of a whole new outfit.
* Swapping- swap parties make great fun :]
* Tone it down- save all that Clinique foundation ><>
*DIY handbag- this is the new Katie Holmes 'it' bag. check out, plenty of inspiration.

OR you could always just buy one pair of Louboutins instead of three ^^ ezy peazy.

Unfortunately the designers don't really get the rules. Fancy a $53,000 something Jean Paul Gaultier fur coat?

credit crunch chic indeed

channy xxx

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