Monday, November 3, 2008

to the races!!!

Well, the races are soon (tomorrow in fact) and many of you out there have had to redeck your old hats and fascinators yourselves to save money, so here's a few tips (:

1. Less is more - you don't want an overcrowded look, because a hat or fascinator is meant as a decoration. Keep it simple.

2. Position the feathers/flowers/assorted other thingies at contrasting angles; don't have them all facing the same way, to avoid the 'matted' look. Don't even think about going there. >] "Spray" it out.

3. For variety between feather types, you can shorten/strip/cut feathers. Also, try grouping different lengths together for dynamics.
4. Keep to a strict colour theme, eg. the colour of your dress + black.

5. If using mesh/net, keep it above the mouth, otherwise it will inhibit eating, speaking etc. Not good.

Have fun at the races!

>>> An awesome example of a simple yet effective, classy fascinator. Notice the little colour use, the spray effect, and the lack of stuff. very yummy ;) (from

<<< Another great spray effect example. This one is also monochromatic, but doesn't it just look awesommmme? (from

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