Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To shred, or not to shred?

well, thats not really the question at hand, but oh well, it seemed like a good post title at the time.

just a follow up on my currently non - existent shredded tee. Hmm, I should explain. It all began that fateful day (overrated much??) when i read rumi's blog and heard about this shredded shirt, origninally by this lady, but ingeniously figured out by this lady (camille of childhood flames). It sounds confusing, but it will all click together soon!

so anydoodle, i stole my dad's basic white tee, and will be attempting to recreate ultimate shredded glory as soon as I have time.

Shredded is the new black?

camille's white shredded tee
Rumi's shredded tee in army green

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