Saturday, November 29, 2008

Flap your butterfly wings :D

Guerlain has launched its Limited Edition Midnight Butterfly Christmas Range for 2008, inspired by butterflies for their grace and beauty (hence the name). All of the products are lightly scented with violet. The range is light, feminine and versatile, with most of the products able to be used all hours of the day.

First up, we have the Sublime Radiant Powder. The bottle is fashioned beautifully, not unlike a perfume bottle, and when squeezed, emits a soft, shimmery powder that can be used on the face, body and even hair. It comes with a detachable butterfly pin that can be used as a brooch! More suited for late-night glamour instead of daytime use. This is on my wishlist...

Next, we have the Meteorites Powder Pearls, encased in a lilac tin. These powder pearls are a mix of four colours; beige, pink, white and gold. Brush the powder lightly over your face to illuminate your skin and give it shimmer and light. Also comes in a pressed powder compact. Yummo!

Then we have the Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara in Butterfly Sparkle. One end is a larger brush that applies a volumising and legthening black coat, while the other end is a smaller brush that adds a splash of sparkly violet. Engraved with a butterfly motif on one end, the word 'Guerlain' on the other. Very classy (:

One of Guerlain's most famous products, the KissKiss lipgloss, is also in the Midnight Butterfly Range. It comes in Shimmering Pink and Shimmering Purple; two deliciously iridescent shades that are sure to please. The bottle itself is capped with a lilac block,adorned with a butterfly (or rather half) on each side. I want :D

The KissKiss lipstick is next on our list of mouthwatering makeup items from Guerlain's new range. It is available in two shades: Sparkling White and Strawberry Red. I honestly don't understand the logic of white lipstick. Apparently it's a shimmery, sheer, pearly lipstick that doesn't provide fully solid colour, but why? comes in a mauve-coloured twist-up tube and is decorated with a butterfly. ...White lipstick, anyone?

Finally, we have the Mysterious Butterfly Eyeshadow Palette, which includes four light, shimmery shades and two differently shaped applicators. Each eyeshadow is embossed with a white butterfly wing, making up a whole butterfly when put together. The four shades can be worn alone, or blended together. Mmm...

Unfortunately, these items aren't so fashionably priced, with the cheapest, the KissKiss gloss, being US$28, which is about AUD$43. Boohoo. Oh well, didn't expect much.

have fun! ann. xxx

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blobbybloo said...

oh yay i love sorta dark, shimmery, pearly makeup!! but yea generally for night i'd say <333