Thursday, February 26, 2009

PS Fall '09

Yokely dokely, well i just had a squiz at the Proenza Schouler Fall 2009 collection and me like.

I have come to the conclusion that the above PS dress is a weird, goodlooking, hybrid version of alexander mqueen and balenciaga. Alexander Mcqueen S/09 + Balenciaga S/09 = Proenza Shouler F/09??? and underneath are larger versions to illustrate my point. Do you see what I'm gettin at or is it just me?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mind blowing.

Man, she always looks amazing.
Above is Anne Hathaway in an Armani Prive gown and Casadei 1616 pumps in a custom silver tone (which you can't actually see, but imagine it...) and probably several million dollars worth of jewellery...
Speaking of amazing, how good was the Rodarte Fall '09 collection???!!!!!! Love love love the scary thigh high leather boot/pant things, the ruffly skirt things, and the massive-woolen-scarves-that-take-over-your-neck-and-look-like-you-are-being-eaten-by-a-sheep. And I also loved the colour palette, consisting of black and grey with a little blue and green here and there.
The thing I love about Rodarte, is that all their pieces could be worn a million different ways. Their clothing is just so versatile. I really like that their clothing is feminine, but raw and edgy at the same time. Also, the inspiration that the designers of Rodarte draw from is amazing. In the past it has included water colour and japanese street culture. But on a whole, with this collection, I would like to say well done to Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Its STUNNING!

oscar frocks!!! xD

OSCARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides all the stars seriously dressing up i'm loving the following awards:
best supporting actor- heath ledger, he really shouldn't have died! =(

best actress- kate winslet (long time coming ^^)
best picture- slumdog millionare (complete underdog =O)
moving on, lets take a look shall we?

Amanda Sieyfried- a lot curvier since Mamma Mia!

doesn't angelina make you feel SAD?

that's the funkiest print i've seen in a while- go beyonce!

anne has such a timeless look about her!

fresh faced makeup was a welcome change from the goth stuff- evan rachel wood

it's nice to see a new face...and a hot frock ;]- frieda pinto, slumdog millionaire

red was a very popular colour- heidi klum *sigh*

who does the eyebrows??!! *drool*- kate winslet (wewt!!!)

this might just be funkier than beyonce's- melissa george

so why is miley here again? the dress is pure disney style =)

does she actually make me feeler sadder than angelina??- natalie portman: pink perfection

vanessa is so glam for her age! me like ^^ but i think the best part is the guy in the background!

NOTE: i did not put the hot! and not! boxes there it was ninemsn!! seriously though, i love all of them. tell me what you think: comment!

Pics courtesy of: celebrity fix, ninemsn

channy xx

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Dude, shes like a genius at DIY (slashed jeans, aWang shorts, rodarte leggings, aWang studded bag) + has great style + says funny things like wtfruitcake (lol.) = READ IT NOW.

kabuki rave :)

I was at a chemist the other day, and as I was browsing the shelves upon shelves of blush, foundation, loose powder eyeshadow (props to L'oreal for their awesome loose powder shadow palette) and more, I came across a kabuki brush. Okay, I know they're not exactly new, but take a look at them! They are just so...lovable. Short, like me. I guess the appeal just kind of heightens because I can relate to it. ;D

Yeah. From Red Earth, as you can see, with a zip-up case. Pic from .

have fun! ann xx

Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok ladies and gents, at the risk of sounding extremely cliche, it's that time of year again. New York Fashion Week!! I am really excited to see what the designers pull off. After so many years of fashion, it's hard to believe that there is still so much innovation. I'll be checking EVERY DAY. And possibly during lunchtimes too...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

YSL cage belt

For their spring '09 collection, YSL has truly gone cage-tastic in the accesories department. Of course, there were those cage shoes, but it was the belt that really caught my eye. Sadly, it costs about $500 US. I can feel a possible DIY coming along...
ps. Happy valentines day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

play-doh cologne

YES! it is true (and real) you can now purchase your very own eau de playdoh in celebration for play-doh's 50th anniversary!! for those with bad eyesight the label reads: Simple, subtle, singular scents. Each day. Everywhere. i don't know i would wear it EVERYWHERE but the bottle is priceless ;] it certainly brings back memories or as the play-doh company Hasbro likes to put it, this scent is for: highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood. *sigh* inhale, exhale.
channy xx

Thursday, February 12, 2009

des talons haut

Dear Ann D,
Please stop making epic shoes and boots so that I will stop drooling everywhere and recking my school laptop, thus making me lose all my schoolwork that I worked so hard to complete.
Kind regards,
Boots from Ann Demeulmeester Fall '08. Spent half of Science today drooling over them. All hail the EPICNESS.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My love.

And yes, I do realise that basically everyone else has already posted these and that you've probably seen them in all the fashion mags (twice), BUT every time I look at them, they bring a smile to my face. I mean, little black guns. Who wouldve thought of that??!!!

Image Courtesy of Jak & Jill

And after hours looking back through various collections, some from 2832234 years ago..., I was reminded of how much I love this from AWang Fall 08 and the second is from Ann Demeulmeester Spring 09 ( THAT DIAMONDY THING SHIRT OBJECT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!)Oh, and those Ann D lace up shoes are pretty darn awesome too.

Alexander Wang and Ann D (AND HAIDER ACKERMANN) are probably two of my favourite designers. At first glance, they are really asthetically different, but when you delve into the 'core' of the clothing, you can see similarities. Like the use of ( or rather lack of) colour, excepting the AW Spring 09 collection, which I didn't like as much as his others anyway. Also, the androgynous-ness can be seen in both of those designers clothing. And also the play on drape etc. Too hard to explain in words. Hope you guys get what I mean ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

myer autumn/winter 2009

yes here i am again xP yes, yes i'm pretty much the catalogue girl, i'm the one with the fat folder =) here are some snippets from myer's autumn/winter 2009 collection starring our beloved hawko...

myer is aiming for a slightly darker look than david jones, combining soft gothic style with country. think 70s denim, paisley print (very big this season), comfy boho chic, tweed, checks and this season's investment, ankle suede boots. YES you can try the gloves too. ;]
channy xx
P.S it's so easy to believe we're ready for heavy coats etc. but it's still 40 C _-_

david jones autumn/winter 2009

hey peeps, channy here (i know, i'm back from the dead), with an update of the autumn/winter 2009 collections! Miranda Kerr WILL be strutting her stuff on the DJ catwalk on wednesday but the catalogue (shot in venice <3!!) way ="D">

so stock up on some smart blazers, edgy trenches and some pretty skirts (pencils mostly). you can try the knee highs, PVC and gloves if you're game ;] has all this PVC and wet look been coming from lady gaga?

channy xx

Saturday, February 7, 2009

tunic-making mission :D

My friends and I start dressmaking (you don't actually have to make dresses, just clothes) this week, and I've been dying trying to think of something to make, and I've come up with this:

Well, with a waist tie, due to my lack of shape, and made with really soft, translucent cotton. Wouldn't it be cool with a really bright singlet underneath? Trouble is, I can't seem to think of a colour to make it in, only that it can't be in white :D I have too much white stuff.

post your suggestions in the comments!

ann xx

ps. pic from