Monday, February 23, 2009

oscar frocks!!! xD

OSCARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides all the stars seriously dressing up i'm loving the following awards:
best supporting actor- heath ledger, he really shouldn't have died! =(

best actress- kate winslet (long time coming ^^)
best picture- slumdog millionare (complete underdog =O)
moving on, lets take a look shall we?

Amanda Sieyfried- a lot curvier since Mamma Mia!

doesn't angelina make you feel SAD?

that's the funkiest print i've seen in a while- go beyonce!

anne has such a timeless look about her!

fresh faced makeup was a welcome change from the goth stuff- evan rachel wood

it's nice to see a new face...and a hot frock ;]- frieda pinto, slumdog millionaire

red was a very popular colour- heidi klum *sigh*

who does the eyebrows??!! *drool*- kate winslet (wewt!!!)

this might just be funkier than beyonce's- melissa george

so why is miley here again? the dress is pure disney style =)

does she actually make me feeler sadder than angelina??- natalie portman: pink perfection

vanessa is so glam for her age! me like ^^ but i think the best part is the guy in the background!

NOTE: i did not put the hot! and not! boxes there it was ninemsn!! seriously though, i love all of them. tell me what you think: comment!

Pics courtesy of: celebrity fix, ninemsn

channy xx


-- » cєcı❤ said...


poor heidi :(

i have to agree though... her whole outfit was kinda... OTT

but lovelove anne hathaway! && anglelina && natalie ;)


Shini said...

Helloooow thanks so much for the feature :D You have a great blog for a 13 year old, when I was 13 I couldn't even committ myself to brush my teeth everyday. ;) And yeah I also wondered, why was Miley Cirus at the Oscars?

Huey & Dewey & Louie said...

haha no prob =) there's actually three of us, helen featured you but i still checked it out! this one's my post though. screw miley xD she did it toilet paper style :P

channy xx

helen said...

Oh yay.

I love her blog lol.

Shameless little fan girl xD