Sunday, February 8, 2009

david jones autumn/winter 2009

hey peeps, channy here (i know, i'm back from the dead), with an update of the autumn/winter 2009 collections! Miranda Kerr WILL be strutting her stuff on the DJ catwalk on wednesday but the catalogue (shot in venice <3!!) way ="D">

so stock up on some smart blazers, edgy trenches and some pretty skirts (pencils mostly). you can try the knee highs, PVC and gloves if you're game ;] has all this PVC and wet look been coming from lady gaga?

channy xx


Anonymous said...

good collection!!

Huey & Dewey & Louie said...

thanks heaps, i try ;]

channy <333

-- » cєcı❤ said...

i heart miranda kerr!!