Tuesday, November 4, 2008


yes, i recently found out that such a thing as a hatinator exists. it's basically smaller than a hat, but larger than a fascinator. as lincraft puts it in their new how-to magazine, 'it is generally made of components such as a combination of fascinator bases, sitting on top of each other, curled and shaped to make an interesting base, before flowers and/or feathers are added.' teehee.

so there you have it. hatinators have come into existence. :D

annn xox

p.s. if you bothered to look at our post times, you would notice that they are in the middle of the night. so no, we're not insomniacs. we just live in oz ^^

1 comment:

helen said...

lol its sounds like an evil robot coconut monkey...beware of the *HATINATOR*


couldnt be bothered to post tonight...