Saturday, April 18, 2009


hello all! I havent been dead, i've been knitting and knitting and writing crappy stories. :D sorry.
but on the bright side, i have some patterns for those knitters out there to use! some of these will need circular needles, some of them not. also, a great tofu-shaped pincushion which i am currently making myself :D this is a great one, fingerless mittens knitted with circular needles. a cute, durable black clutch (i think it's a clutch?). you can knit it it with one strand of yarn, or two. like a shawl/wrap thingg... includes increasing and decreasing stitches, so better learn that :D this is the very cool tofu pincushion, which even has a little face on it! you can make it whatever expression you like, and it's very easy to make. a pretty bolero knitted with bamboo yarn, for beginners (or so they say). halter top :D is cool looking.

have fun knitting, and i will post a picture of my finished tofu pincushion, complete with weird expression, as soon as i finish it! :D oh, and maybe i'll try making those fingerless gloves too.

edit: hey look! what on earth are these? well, they're websites that i found really helpful for expanding my knowledge of knitting. they'll get you started; i suggest you roam around the net for some cool stitches, like moss stitch, and pretty techniques like cabling. all the basics are here :) a wider range of stuff, complete with videos. some helpful tips and tricks.


ann xx


fashionbox said...

oh yay! tofu pincushion!!! xD please take to school and show me when done ^^

channy :D

Erika said...

Speaking of knitting, I am in love with knitwear - namely, Cardy UGGS. I wonder if we could learn to make them so that we don't have to shell out $170 for one pair?

Shini said...

ohhh I love free knitting patterns, thanks! Knitting is addictive huh, I once knitted for the whole night and then stood up and went to school :P Hope you'll show us what you've knitted!

Little Bow Prep said...

I could knit when I was four, but I no longer remember how to.