Saturday, April 11, 2009

chip off the old block.

As Helen has told you, we are now on hols! So I went shopping yesterday with some friends, and I got this awesome 4-in-1 nail block from The Body Shop. It has four numbered sides, each with a different function; one for filing, one for removing ridges in the nail, one for smoothing and one for shining the nail. And I must say, my nails are very shiny now. I think it looks different in the US, but here in Australia ours looks like this:

It completely smoothes out the nail surface, as well as leaving it mirror-shiny!

Oh, and I also got this baker boy hat:

Possibly the only non-trucker/baseball cap I look good in *is in love with these items*. And can you believe the hat only cost $2.50 AUD? Wow.

Anyway, have fun!

ann xx.


Huey & Dewey & Louie said...

yea i used to love those nail blocks in year 6. chip off the old block indeed :L

channy xx

helen said...

omg that block thangg is funky. And as an added bonus it looks like a chalkboard duster too...(: