Sunday, March 15, 2009

a sort of practical designer item??!?

well, actually it isn't that practical but it seems sorta handy's chanel's F/W 09 perspex bag! but i'm not that sure about displaying the typical contents of your briefcase for everyone to see but whatever ^^ it also looks good with knits :L

channy xx
note: very funky heels, remember, they're the ones who made gun shoes!

second note: apparently arrests were made at NYC next top model auditions =S wtf?


helen said...

cool, but practical?


imagine taking that on long plane trips...


-- » cєcı❤ said...

i think their ah-dorable :]

definitely... unique if nothing else xP

blobbybloo said...

maybe that's why the sort of is there helen. _-_

channy xx

Anonymous said...

WOW absolutely new...where did you git it from...