Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The Fendi Fall 2009 girls looked baaaadass. They probably have guns in those handbags and are preparing to clinically and methodically murder you and dispose of your corpse, without showing any emotion on their faces except for the occasional ominous squint. I like.

Also, can anyone tell me where to get this sparkley silver corset thang. It looks just sharp enough to kill a small child (moohahaha). It reminds me of what happens in science when you use a magnet on iron filings and they all stand up and clump together...

Fendi F/09

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blobbybloo said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA pure helen style! to top it off fendi should steal chanel's gun shoes. then they'd be like MURDERER (: meehee ^^ i wouldn't wanna meet them in a dark alley on a dark night!