Sunday, March 15, 2009

chasing golden leaves. the cheap way.

Yes, Ann is back from the dead! I have been rifling through magazines and websites, looking for patterns that everyday people will be able to follow. And yes, it is everything autumn. Because really, how many people can afford to follow designer trends?

The big thing is bold statement colours. Red, black, white, purple; sharp, conversation-starter colours are popping up everywhere. Edgy, tailored bottoms such as the classic bootleg pant and the pencil skirt in black are great paired with feminine frills and curving, flowing shapes in daring reds, royal purples and beautiful creams. Blazers are still being loved by everyone, so don't be afraid to throw a blazer over this look for a sophisticated finish. Dark pantyhose with a feminine, figure-highlighting dress that falls to the knees is a softer option if you're not a fan of the tailored look; choose a dress with large, eccentric print or just solid colour. Team that with a modern chunky heel to polish the whole outfit off. Accentuate the waist with a bold wide belt; I would recommend natural black leather. A good example of the everyday trend (from

Or if you prefer pencil skirts:

In lipsticks: nude is no longer in. Fiery orange-reds, crimsons, berries and spicy shades will dominate this season, so get red-hunting. For eyes, look for shades that will make your eyes pop: avoid disco-sparkly shadows, but go for a subtle shimmer in brighter shades like peach, turquoise, emerald, gold and lilac. Pink can make your eyes look puffy and tired, and yellows are at risk of looking tacky, so handle with care. If you're not sure, go for the universally compatible rosy gold. With more brilliant shades of anything, go for a little on the lashline for maximum impact, and don't do the whole lid, please.

Tips for:
Blue eyes - Avoid shades close to your own eye colour. Use peach to really make your eyes stand out, but just a light wash will do. Lighter yellows will be great for you. Dark shades will give your eyes a cool edge, so if that's what you want, go for it. Bronze or gold will also work great for you.
Brown/Hazel - Try a mauve or lilac to bring out the specks in your eyes. Emeralds or bright blues on the lashline will be a brilliant move, so that every time you blink, people will be stunned by the intense colour. Opt for darker yellows.

Green - Gold is stunning for green-eyed people. Also, purples in most shades will work wonders for you. Coppery reds can be great if you don't overdo them.

Please remember that you can only have one out of standout lips and standout eyes; if you do both, they tend to clash and your face looks like a cartoon mask. Use black mascara when wearing bright shadows to define the shadow colour and separate it from the iris colour.

PS. Speaking of modern heels, how about these for awesome?

I'll just leave you in silence to admire the stud-ness. (Thanks to for the picture.)


blobbybloo said...

nah fire engine red is in _-_

channy xx

helen said...

but then again, who defines 'in'?

the whole thing with trends and whats 'in' is so overrated. Every season girls (and guys) rush in to the shops and buy what everyone else is buying and what they think will make them look cool infront of their friends, but what you wear should be based on your personal style and tastes. That way when you buy a piece you know that it will last longer than 3 months. It's not a matter of filling and clearing your wardrobe based on what you saw on the most popular girl or on the hottest celebrity, but about YOU and building on your existing wardrobe that will last a lifetime (or a couple of years at least, unless you have a growth spurt...)

therefore, screw trends.

(wow,this was very long winded)

helen (:

helen said...

oh and those shoes are EPIC.


nadia said...

I think Wittner has done a copy of the Kirkwood for Rodarte heels as well, they are beautiful!