Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love it or leave it?

Jeggings. I really don't like them. (Jeggings? You know, those weird leggings that look like jeans? Yeugh.)

Okay, some of them look alright. But overall they're just not my thing. Its a growing trend, I know, but I just don't like them, at all.

What do you think?

have funnnn...:D

ann xx


fashionbox said...

uhhh jeggings. leans make it sound like you're on jenny craig ^^ you have to be really skinny but still some of the colours and patterns are gross >_____<

chantelle (:

Frank&Rémy said...

Dont like em either, doesnt even look good!

helen said...

they should be called ' leans' (u'know, LEggings + jeANS??) ehh??

amy elizabeth said...

ohhh, i hate them. So many people are wearing them now, and it kind of just looks like you can't afford real jeans. When some of these 'jeggings' are infact the same price as a semi-decent pair of jeans. It's ridiculous. Whats even worse is some of the people where i live team it up with long socks over the top with matching white keds and a plain hoody. notttt a good look. Save it for home, thanks. ><