Thursday, September 10, 2009


A couple of days ago I went shopping with my mum (who I love lots) and saw this:

And found that Chanel has released their fall makeup collection: Collection Noirs Obscurs.
I love it!

A sophisticated yet emotive collection of evocative dark colours; it epitomises the whole sleek, fashion forward Chanel brand and Coco herself as well.

The eyeshadow quad - Les Folies Noires - is a stunning ensemble; deep green, almost-black blue, dark violet and deep burgundy. Standout colours for standout eyes, right?

Three beautiful lipsticks, with equally beautiful names: Maniac, Hysteria and Obscure. Maniac is a crazy-dark shade of red, Hysteria is black blended with aubergine to make a pretty hellish purple and Obscure is a smooth dark-chocolate brown - all with a sprinkle of sparkle.
Two classic black mascaras - Inimitable and Exceptionnel de Chanel. What more can I say?

Then - I lovelovelove this one - an Aqualumiere Gloss in Furious. Reds, browns and golds blended to make a pretty special gloss.

Eyeliner - in black, black, black, of course. Chanel calls it Demoniac.

Le Vernis: nail varnish, that is, comes in Diabolic (more black, yet not enough!), Forbidden (deep earthy brown), and Vendetta (dark, dark purple). Delish!

Also, an exciting release from MAC in the near future - November 5 will bring us their Mischief Makers Collection, 3 sets of 5 lipglosses and 3 sets of 5 loose glitter jars in colours of the holidays. Check them out!

I wish I could own them all :P

have fun!

ann xx

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