Tuesday, July 14, 2009

seedbeads are...annoying

Hello! Having a great time lazing round the house on holidays; I get to do one of my favourite things, which is making jewellery and other little crafty bits. At the moment I'm loving this great craft set called Bead Loom Bracelets by Ann Akers Johnson for Klutz. It's great for making birthday prezzies and 'cause it uses seedbeads, I can create really intricate designs. Only problem is, the needle is about as thin as a hair and I keep pricking myself!
The first bracelet I made! Yeah, it's a little tattered.

Close-up shot: FAIL. But you can kinda see the individual seedbeads (?).

This is a current work-in-progress :D

So that's probably why I haven't been posting more, but now you know what I'm up to. Also, I've been planning a DIY of these Alexander McQueen flats (top) :P They look fun!

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