Sunday, July 19, 2009

I got a feeling

That tonights going to be a good night, because today marks the 100th post of our blog. It is also the final of masterchef australia. It must be fate.
source: unknown


fashionbox said...

lol, exciting! congrats to our blog. :D plus, i hope poh wins masterchef! yay!

fashionbox said...

lol you got to do 100th post :P
i can't believe poh lost!!!! =( x billion


Yellow Cab said...

amazing photo. i feel the freedom from this picture.
Xo. Yc.

helen said...

channy: I know :(. I feel Poh would do more with the prize seeing as its harder for julie to have a big restaurant while looking after her kids and all.

yellow cab: thanks, i thought it would be fitting for the occassion.