Sunday, May 3, 2009

scraps and sewing.

Hello! By scraps and sewing I mean I've finished my tunic, and various other projects from the past, and have a couple of drawings of a shoe and a dress that were yes-ed by Helen, one of my fellow boxpeople. I don't have a scanner just yet, so the 'scrap' pics might be a bit yucky, but please tell me what you think!
The picture is too faint, but I wrote something along the lines of 'Detaches here' under the third strap; so basically it turns into a pump. Yay...? Lol, I drew this while on a Geography excursion bus.
This is a dress, drawn when trying to get some kind of reaction out of my very fussy friend. Thankfully, she gave it a thumbs up. Helen did too! (as you can see, I scrawled it in the corner,if you can make it out). Sorry for the weird shadow.
This is my tunic! It's a lot different to what i intended to make, but I'm happy with it. I just have to belt it so it doesn't look like a weird sack thing. Sorry for it being sideways. XD.

Yes, it's a ring-handle bag! I made this out of curtain fabric, so I didn't need interfacing. It's so grandma-like. I think I'll send it to my grandma.

Opinions, please! :D Much appreciated.

have fun! ann xx


Erika said...

Oh how I'd love to wear those shoes. Perhaps in a bright pink or a daring, ravishing red?

Olivia said...

i love drawing shoes on my notes during class! it gets me by :) though i can't do a 3-d view like you did. mine are flat side-views.
and that tunic is quite nice! after i'm done with my AP testing and such, i think i'll make myself a loose white tunic for summer.

La Mode is Rad! said...

I love the shoes!
Nice tunic.

fashionbox said...

love those shoes, even though you've shown me!!!! the tunic DOES look nice and i'm glad you belted ;P and do send the bag to your grandma, 'cos then she'd be a REAL grandma!!! yay! i am going to give you a big hug at school!

channy ;D

helen said...

'so grandma like. i think i'll send it to my grandma' haha.

love the drawings x.