Saturday, May 2, 2009

back to school +_+

imogen morris clarke for 3.1 phillip lim <33
yes we ARE back to school on monday so our posts might just shrink a tad ;) thanks for all the support during our hols and dun worry we WILL keep an eye on all your luvalee blogs!!
btw i also just bought some white, oversized dior sunnies at a bargain bazaar for $1!!! xP
channy xo


hayhayc1996 said...

This is awesome! I'm a huge fashion fan also! Finally someone like me. I love the designs, don't you? Who's your favorite designer?

fashionbox said...

i basically like anything with studs, chains or cut outs! i like to look for up and coming designers or people who might not get the spotlight so often. i LOVE sophia kokosalaki though!

channy xo

Erika said...

Oh how I love this. The ensemble. The haircut. That is the perfect outfit for back to school!