Monday, January 5, 2009

Long time no see, laaaaaaaaah// speaking like a hardcore asian is fun

I apologise for being away from blogging for so long. I realy have no excuse except that I have been really lazy and have been mooching around the house, eating and reading blogs. I'm in China for the summer holidays and am pasty as on account of having two winters in a row (!). But I dont mind, I guess. I have always thought of winter as having more outfit options. I'll leave you with some things I have been thinking about lately....
Inspired by:

Japanese street-style on dropsnap

Vintage Valentino - so beautiful

Lusting After:

Patent Yellow DMs (I wouldn't mind these in black either...)

DIY to do:

Acid wash denim cut-offs & highwaisted denim skirt a la The Snowshoe Rabbit (doesn't her skirt look amaaaaaazing??!)

Images from:, Dont know where, Dr Martens Official Site, The Snowshoe Rabbit Blog

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blobbybloo said...

hey helen!! is back from america xD i bought you peanut butter cup :) its a big one so just one per packet ehehe....yay dms! when do you come back?