Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost school.

T by AW

Clear converse
The above are saved in a folder in my computer called ' Things I Love And Will Never Own'. Well, not really. But they should be.
T by Alexander Wang - I love that preloved feel they have. And I love how they are semi sheer. And I love how the armholes are massive. And I love the cut and drapeyness. And I also love Karlie Kloss in them. But those prices...for gods sake, we're in a financial crisis here.
Clear Converse - Can you imagine these with some awesome socks or lacey/patterened/rodarte-y tights? mmm. (WHERE DO THEY SELL THESE??!!)
And yes, I realise the last three posts have been A Wang related and I'm sorry, the next post will be AW freee!


blobbybloo said...

how come karlie looks thinner than she did in my teen vogue??
and dont worry about the AW ness its ALL about him now. pretty much.
clear converse!! omg! wear it with ripped tights xD

Freddy Style said...

i love WANG DESIGN too^^

helen said...

blobbybloo - she's a supermodel, whadya expect? :P

freddy style - I'm glad someone shares my entusiasm for all things Alexander Wang

hearts xx