Wednesday, December 10, 2008

global glosses XD

Sorry for being so slow on this release.

Both Lancome and Napoleon Perdis have launched a new line of glosses, created after the different fashion-icon cities of the world. The Lancome glosses are designed by fashion-field newcomer Christopher Kane. Both consist of a whole range different colours; from banana yellow to mauvy pink to coffee nude to maroon. Just shows how diverse fashion culture is.
My faves from NP:

Paris (duh) - a deep burgundy-red. Yummy, but not for the timid-lipped.

Cairo - a shimmery coffee nude. Mmm.

Sydney - a shiny mauve-pink. Looking good :D

My faves from Lancome (no pics unfortunately):

Tokyo Plum Blossom - a sparkly muave-pink gloss; translucent. Delicious, no?

Copacabana Coffee - a singed coffee nude, sparkly; also translucent. If you like this one, try Grande Cafe Creme Brulee, also in the same range.

Paris Bubbly - a silvery-gold gloss, more like a frosting. Again, translucent. Super glitzy, for those who are up for it.

Peach Mochi - a pale, princessy pink. Very Tokyo.

So there you have it. Around the world in a handful of lip brushes.

have fun!

ann xx

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Anonymous said...

how can u eat colours????? all they are, is ur interpretation of different wavelength photons that you can idnetify