Wednesday, December 23, 2009

McQueen over two

I have finally bought those black satin flats to make these McQueen shoes (which are now old news but still awesome):

(top shoe)

Now I just need to buy silver safety pins. I mean, you'd think little 2 centimetre coiled safety pins would be easy to find but nooo, they only have gold ones. I always thought silver was more common. Huh.

Luckily though the flats were only AUD$10 :D

Hoping your holiday season is serving its purpose,

ann xx

ps. aren't those chanel flats fab too?


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!

fashionbox said...

they are, aren't they? i love the pin flower :D

-rachel.^ said...

hey ann, have you made them yet? cos you posted them on the 23th and on the 11th, you still hadn't bought safety pins ^^
haha i sound like a stalker :P

fashionbox said...

lol no sorry rach, see stupid riot art n craft stores (well the ones i bothered to go to) were out of small silver safety pins. it kills having the shoes sitting there, unworn. you have no idea.